Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Find a way to make your rice more delicious

Cooking rice is somehow perceived to be an Eastern thing. You have it in your kitchen, but it is always at the back of the farthest shelf; when you actually get down to cooking rice, it gets pushed to the back of the plate. It does not have to be that way though. Aromatic basmati can fill your kitchen and sometimes a whole street with an aroma that's irresistible. For recipes that will really shine up your culinary reputation, here is a sophisticated way to start. But be warned, this one can be a great way to get your kids hooked on vegetarianism.

For golden colored rice, stir a teaspoon of turmeric into the water before the rice begins to cook. Seasoning blocks or bouillon give a nice flavor to rice. It will need to be stirred after cooking to evenly distribute it though. Use leftover rice to make fried rice. It can also be used to add a bit of starch to a meatloaf in place of bread crumbs. Never let cooked rice sit out for more than a couple of hours without keeping it very hot. Rice turns very quickly. To serve it at parties that may last awhile, but keep it from burning at the bottom, put it in a pan atop a pan of water that is over a tea light or other warmer. To cool it off quickly before it turns after a meal, transfer it from the pot to smaller containers. If you are on a salt restricted diet but don't like your rice too sweet, use a couple of dashes of pepper and salt free chicken broth to enhance the taste.
When the grain is soaked for a long time the anti-nutrients get released into the soak water which you largely pour off before cooking. This is an essential part of good porridge, to allow this enzyme changing of the guard so to speak, as anti-nutrients, which are acidic and gas producing, are not something you want to burden your body with. We don't want to use our one stomach as a fermentation tank, and this process has got to happen somewhere, so as I see it, its better it happens beforehand on the kitchen bench, or in the fridge. It will famous as the Pandora.

If you need baked potatoes in a flash, here are some excellent tips from the experts. Potatoes may be micro waved, but are always nicer in the oven. Slicing your potatoes in half (lengthwise) and baking them with the flat part facing down, will facilitate speed in baking. Remember to grease the baking sheet, and then simply place potatoes into a 375-degrees oven for approximately thirty minutes.

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